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Learning from Super Bowl Tourism Effect

It is no coincidence that each year’s Super Bowl location is awarded years before anyone knows which teams will be playing. The influx of vacationers and fans is a windfall to the city. The tourism, restaurant, souvenir, and entertainment industries (to name a few) all benefit. Your small business (or any other size, for that […]

Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

As the Internet becomes a part of daily living for more and more people so does making purchases–and using their credit cards–online. Consequently, if you marketing products or services from a Website, it is increasingly critical that you accept credit cards from that Website as well. If you have researched ecommerce at all, you realize […]

The Daysteps Story

Some of you probably noticed I’ve been scarce the past several months and are wondering where I’ve been. Three other women and I have been busy developing a new type of planner: the Daysteps Personal Lifestyle Planner. Unlike most, this planner is not “strictly business.” The premise behind it is to help people lead a […]

Rather Shop than Write a Marketing Plan?

A lot of small business people balk at writing a marketing plan, thinking it is too time consuming. Think about it in terms of shopping, and you may see things differently. If you go Christmas or grocery shopping without making out a list, it can get expensive pretty quickly. Why? Because you don’t have a […]

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