Marketing Management Objectives

There are many marketing and management techniques that positively impact the bottom line. While some are obvious, others are at first counter-intuitive. In this section, you will find informative articles on several techniques. Here is a sampling of what you will find:

7 Pricing Strategies That Improve Marketing explains how, in certain situations, profit can improve by lowering the price. You will also learn about versioning, competitive pricing, bundling, and other techniques.

Target Market – 3 Big Reasons You Need To Know Yours will give you insight into how targeting benefits your business and why it is better than “peppering” all markets with your marketing messages. You will see that:1. Prospects who read your materials will know exactly why they need you, 2. It gives direction to your product or service, and 3. It’s easier to plan an effective marketing strategy.

Targeting Your Best Customers Improves Your Marketing Plan Success shows how focusing on a particular customer segment can build your business.

Your best customers are those customers who purchase frequently enough, the products or service you provide, to be profitable.  This type of customer generates regular income and is a very desirable customer for your business.  Making an effort to target customers like these will rapidly increase your income while creating stability for your organization.

A Feasibility Study and You: A Dynamic Duo takes some of the mystery out of deciding if a new business idea can be profitable.

A feasibility study is research that gives you preliminary information regarding your business idea’s potential to succeed in the marketplace. It can mean the difference between success and failure. The article outlines what categories a feasibility study should address in detail.